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Finding Physical Stability in Pregnancy

When I’m not paying careful attention, I walk a bit like a duck.  Thanks to my father, hip opening poses have always been accessible to me.  I recall many nights watching my dad play with one of our dogs while he sat, for extended periods of time, in agnistambhasana.  Comfortably.  While I can easily lay… Continue reading Finding Physical Stability in Pregnancy

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New Mama Upper Body Yoga Refresh

I tend to be pretty body aware: I notice my posture, I remember to engage my core when I’m exerting myself, and I pay attention to my breath. I was quite surprised, then, when I caught sight of my shoulders in the mirror when my daughter was 7 months old. My shoulders were rolled forward,… Continue reading New Mama Upper Body Yoga Refresh

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Restless Leg Relief

As any woman who is pregnant, or has ever been pregnant, will tell you, sometimes pregnancy feels like the possible side effects list of the latest FDA approved drug.  Pregnancy may or may not cause fatigue, nausea, constipation, heartburn, edema, increased sex drive, decreased sex drive, headaches, congestion, varicose veins, insomnia, carpal tunnel, pelvic pain,… Continue reading Restless Leg Relief