What is Whole Mama Yoga?

Whole Mama Yoga is yoga, community, and commiseration for all phases of motherhood– from preconception to parenting.

Through Whole Mama Yoga, we’ll offer yoga sequences, tips, and philosophy for our readers on the path of motherhood, whether you’re looking for fertility support, prenatal help, postnatal support, or mama-community.

We hope to foster that community both online (through questions, comments, guest posts, and shared birth stories) and offline (in our classes, in our workshops, our yoga teacher training offerings, and in private sessions).

Our mission is to provide yoga resources, education, and community during all parts of motherhood. We believe in supporting motherhood in an authentic way, and we strive to recognize the beauty, challenge, and absurdity in the experience of being a mama.

Whole Mama Yoga: Yoga for all of motherhood.


Alexandra & Lauren

PS: We want to hear from you! If you have ideas for posts, sequences you’d like to see, or questions, please contact us. We’re also available for privates sessions, small-group practices, workshops, and yoga teacher training. Contact us via email at  wholemamayoga@gmail.com or share your thoughts right here: